Ayurvedic treatment for Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis or cervical arthritis is a disorder in which there is abnormal wear on the cartilage and bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae). It is a common reason of chronic neck pain. This condition affects the vertebral bodies and intervertebral disks of the neck.

Cervical spondylosis does not cause symptoms in many people. Cervical Spondylosis progresses with age and often develops at multiple interspaces. Chronic cervical degeneration is the most common cause of progressive spinal cord and nerve root compression. Symptoms tend to come and go. Treatments include keeping the neck moving, neck exercises and painkillers. In severe cases, the degeneration may cause irritation or pressure on the spinal nerve roots or spinal cord.  Ayurvedic cure is best option for cervical spondylosis.

Gentle Massage

Gentle massage over the muscles of the neck and shoulder joints should be applied and for this purpose Mahanarayan taila is best suited. This gentle massage can be given 2-3 times a day. In winter season; this medicated oil should be gently warmed before application. Guggulu, gum resin extracted from the plant is the best medicine for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. Ayurvedic treatment physicians popularly use a compound preparation named as simhanada guggulu. It is given in a dose of 2-4 tablets, 4 times a day. Usually hot water or hot milk id given to the patient after the administration of this medicines. This medicine has slightly laxative effects. For the patient to recover from cervical ailments, it is necessary that this bowel should move clearly and regularly.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Aurvedic( Ayurveda) Medicine is very much helpful for Cervical spondylosis. For patients having clear motions, these medicines should be given in a dose of 2 tablets and constipated patients the dose should be 4 tablets. If the constipation is not relieved even by taking 4 tablets the dose can be further increased to 6 tablets. At night some medicines should be given to the patients, which will act as a purgative.

Triphala Powder

Triphala powder  is the best medicine for spondylosis in ayurvedic treatment.  One teaspoonful of triphala should be given to the patient, mixed with a cup of warm milk and one spoon of sugar. In the motions become regular by the intake of simbanada guggulu, then triphala powder should be given only twice a week otherwise it can be given every day. Hot fomentation on the vertebrae of the  is very useful for cervical pains. In a big handkerchief about 500gms of salt should be kept over a frying pan till it becomes tolerably hot. Then this should be applied over the neck. Care should be taken to see that it should not be too hot. In that case, it may cause burns.

Heat of the bolus

Sometimes patients suffering from cervical Spondylosis develop some anesthetic patches in the back, neck, shoulders and arms because of the pressure from nervous systems .The patient is therefore not able to feel the quantum of heat applied during fomentation. It should therefore be the responsibility of the attendant to examine the heat of the bolus before applying it on the affected parts. Morning walk gives some relief to the patient, but if it is cold outside the patient should always use a woolen scarf around his neck while going out of the house. Ayurvedic (Ayurveda) treatment is best way to get relief from cervical spondylosis.


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