If you would like to get instant relief from sore neck pain, you must have awareness about the dos and don’ts for neck pain, which also helpful in other conditions such as back pain, neck headaches, cervical spondylosis, Neck muscles and Stiff Neck pain etc.

What are the Neck Pain Do’s for Adults?

dos and don'ts for neck pain

dos and don’ts for neck pain

Below are the healthy tips or do’s for neck pain reliever:

  • Do exercise and yoga in daily routine.
  • While sleeping, your choice of good pillow and matters proves a healthy remedy. Always choose a best quality firm      mattress and thin neck cervical relief pillow that supports your neck and shoulders during sound sleeping.
  • Take move to one side while getting up from lying down position.
  • Apply cervical collar device or equipment during the day.
  • Straight walk in daily routine works as remedy to neck cervical pain.
  • While sitting on workplace or in front of computer desktop at office, you body posture must be in straight position.
  • Get engaged with aerobic activity.
  • Take break of refreshment while holding a same position for a long time during driving, watching TV or working on computer.
  • Meet or consult with yoga trainer and Practice Pranayam, Meditation and Sabasana to lessen all tensions.
  • Using of seat belt during driving and sitting in car helps to straight you back or neck.
  • During long journey, use of traveling firm collar will give proper support to your neck.
  • If acute cervical neck pain take a prescribed medication and have a rest without do any movement.
  • Always keep your spine straight while sitting or standing.
  • In worst neck condition try to avoid forward jogging, bending, jerking, and carrying heavy overweight.
  • Salty, spicy food should be avoided.
  • Soft chair, bed matters should be avoided.

Neck pain what not to do

  • Avoid have continue stressful postures during long hours.
  • Do not practice running high-impact aerobics during problem of neck pain.
  • Do not lift heavy weights on head or back.
  • Traveling on bad roads can increase the chances of neck pain that does’t go away, avoid it.
  • Don’t drive for long hours, take breaks.
  • Stay away from painkillers.
  • Keep away from habit of holding the telephone on one shoulder and leaning at it for long time.
  • While sleeping, do not use many pillows below the neck and shoulder.
  • Do not lie flat on your stomach.
  • While turn around, first move your feet thereafter twist your neck or the body.
  • Don’t undergo spinal manipulations if you are feeling acute pain.

Hope these Cervical Neck pain dos and don’ts guide will help to get relief from these conditions.

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