What is Cervical Mucus?

Females must aware about the cervical mucus stages and ovulation method from their teen years or perhaps later, when they may question what is cervical mucus ?! At the time of menstrual circle, color, amount and consistency of mucus get change, by fluctuating hormone greatness. 

What is cervical mucus

Cervical Mucus Picture

Maintaining track of changes can help females to understand the ovulation time. Stress, Medications or drugs, Dieting, Weight change and Pre-menopausal are some external factors effect their fluid. All females must keep track of all their fluid changes at beginning of pregnancy, during pregnancy, after pregnancy ovulation, after ovulation, before period, after period and before missed period

Cervical Mucus Ovulation Methods

CM method, also described the ovulation method and the Billings ovulation method. After ovulation stage the superiority of the mucus varies because the corpus luteum of the ovary at the moment begins to construct the hormone progesterone. Mucus shaped under the control of progesterone is chunky, thick, and sticky and its quantity gets reduced. Sperm cannot swim with this mucus, and it structures a difficulty to sperm way in into the uterine cavity.

Fertility pattern

Cervical fluid continuously changes during female menstrual cycle. As females come near the ovulation stage, mucus increase in amount and become clear and stretchy. As ovulation come close to female cervix create fertile cervical mucus. Observe and recording changes are very helping to know the best time for intercourse and understand own fertility sample.

It is 90% water. Depending on the water content which varies during the menstrual cycle the mucus functions as a barrier or a transport medium to spermatoza? It’s contains trace building block containing iron, mangenese, zinc, copper and selenium, the levels of which vary dependent on cyclical hormone distinction during different phases of the menstrual cycle (periods).

CM is required by the body to help facilitate sperm transport to the egg. In order for conception to arise, sperm must swim through the cervix and uterus and ultimately to the fallopian tube where fertilization occurs. Vaginal dryness maybe the reason to why women can’t get pregnant.

Most of the females experiencing dry mucus after menstruation and after that find muggy, afterword creamy, next are soaked and runny cervical fluid. Women may produce different types of mucus all over the day. Fertile or productive CM is symptom of most fertile time in woman body. During most fertile ladies body having intercourse is the indication of more chances of pregnancy.

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How to Check Mucus Fluid

A best timing to collect and checking mucus is morning times in bathroom. Before get out of bed, check body basal body temperature if necessary. Few women having sufficient amount of cervical mucus discharge that can be check on toilet paper after wipe. Others way to collect mucus is insert clean finger in vagina to cervix area while sitting at toilet sitting. Have some of the liquid mucus in between finger to examine.

This Guide help womanly to understand what is cervical mucus and it’s stages, types, methods before and after periods or pregnancy.


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