Back Pain

Back Pain Relief Home Methods

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Back pain or backache is very general problem in everyone. Not only elderly aged and middle-aged people are suffering from this back pain disease but also young people who work for long hours. Main causes for back pain are bad posture, lack of exercise, neck pain, muscular tension, too much stress etc.

Back Pain Symptoms

Back pain health problems influences the lives of millions all across the sphere. Back pain symptom signs differ as much as the causes perform. Your spine supported by more than 30 bones (vertebrae) joint together by muscles, tendons and ligaments and cushioned by shock-absorbing disks. 

Lower Back pain Causes, Diagnosed, Treatments

Overview on Lower Back pain Causes, diagnosed, Treatments

Lower back pain is extremely common. Millions of working employees loss many days work due to the low back pain problems.
It is rooted with problems involving the muscular-skeletal system.In America, 75% of affected by pain neck pain.

Cervical Back Pain Causes and Cure

What is Cervical Back Pain?

Have you ever suffered from Chronic Cervical Back Pain? Do you know the causes are responsible for cervical pain in back? Don’t worry; in this article you will get a small overview on Cervical back pain causes and treatments.