Early Signs of Pregnancy

Who is mother?
Early Signs of Pregnancy: Mother has been always there always to take care of us .no one knows about mother definitions, because there are ample of definitions to express mother endless love. What are your thoughts and views about mother let’s we elaborate here.Some definition says that a mother is a woman who has given birth to child. Mother is also given symbol for our creativity. Mother word contains emotions, love, compassion and forgiveness. Woman holds responsibility of our house and we respect so much and we give her some special space in our heart.

  • We gave so many names in different countries but in our India we gave different names to our mother like mama, mom mammy etc. But all names are same and indicate our love towards to our mother.
  • In other words many communities and societies, culture, god often compared to mother.
  • The mother is incarnation of love , sacrifice and selfless service for our kids
  • Mother is first teacher for us and bring us happiness
  • God could not appear everywhere that’s why he created mother for you
  • In early times but now future true fact is that kids can be bad sometimes but mother cannot be bad for you , mother gives you more importance consideration than father

Who is mother according to you, no one knows about this answer but now i am talking about symptoms of pregnancy:-

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Missed Periods:-

A missed period is the most and vital symptom. You may suffer whole body pain and lower back pain in during periods, actual period may be missing. Around this time period some women assuming pregnancy.

Morning weakness and sickness:-

Another symptom of pregnancy; vomiting may be or may not be reason. Some women assuming that it could be reason for food poisoning and also develop craving for some special food items.

Tiredness and giddiness:-

if women is thinking that she is pregnant then maybe you feel that some tiredness and extreme fatigue in body and sometimes fainting too. Reason is that maybe you feel higher levels of hormones and body changes.

Changes in breasts:-

In pregnant stage of women, may be her breasts swollen, enlarged and feel sore. This is another symptom of pregnancy and you can observed the first week of pregnancy

Urination and Constipation:-

In pregnancy stage, you could feel pressure on the urinary bladder and reason is that lack of proper diet and fibber proteins etc. This can be one of the earliest clues and symptoms, happening a week.

High body temperature:-

Every woman body temperature begins to high level after ovulation, and stays high past when you should have and had your period .your body temperature may be one and half and one degree increased. You should have some idea and compare your body temperatures normal or pregnancy times

Darker and darker areolas:-

In pregnancy time your breast changing continuously and also getting bigger and darker your surrounding nipple area some people believes that darker colour of nipple helps for new born baby and after pregnancy your breast will remain same as position colour and size.


Cramping can be sign of many conditions, may be you can see in pregnant time. Growing and moving uterus prepared to continue new life. Sometime cramping can be symptoms of gas in bowels. Other serious cause can face miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. cramping you have to avoid after positive pregnancy period if you see cramping in middle time of pregnancy then you consult near doctor and confirm that everything is well or not .

Headache regularly:-

Do you feel regularly headaches? If you feel like that then it will be the stage of pregnancy symptom (sixth week after conception).

Backache pain:-

Lower back pain is also early symptom of pregnancy, in pregnancy time a woman suffers due to increase weight of the fetus.

Mood swings:-

In pregnancy time, mood swings frequently and others might notice about your sudden behaviour like emotional, happy and sometimes irritated too etc.

Poor appetite:-

In pregnancy time, some women may regularly eat less. That’s condition is good for the mother and his baby .it is good symptom for mother if you develop less appetite. but if you eat less than doctor advice then maybe you loosing proper diets and nutrition. In this case you consult near physician.

Acne or pimples:-

You might surprise why pimples happens. It happens because of our hormones changes taking place inside your body. Don’t squeeze your pimple because the bacteria will spread and more causes you face more pimples in your face and it may also leave ugly scars.

Baby growth:-

In medical term, doctor describes the growth of the baby (7 day weekly basis). Most cases of pregnancy you can see your baby shapes and motion during the several stages of pregnancy.

Heart beat:-

All above symptoms of pregnancy may be true or false definite pointer about pregnancy but if woman want a proof or confirm herself about her pregnancy or first time check about pregnancy then she must confirmed in the form of first heart beat

Myth and Fact:-

Fact about premature

Premature baby for every mother is very big risk and reason is that baby’s mother don’t have enough weight then it will effect baby lungs and heart and In premature cases baby may be under observation for two to three months there they provide proper food and diets through pipes .

Myth about proper Diet

Premature baby causes if you want to save yourself then every women Eat enough and proper diet , may be they eat twice in day or daily times to gain more weight.
If you are facing and experiencing any one above signs then you must consult your doctor and confirm your check up and start care immediately. it will best and brilliant interest for your baby . Don’t be bore and bogged down by early symptoms of pregnancy and try to keep yourself happy and cheerful in during pregnancy times. Positive attitude and present conditions forward to having a healthy and happy child.

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