Egg White Discharge

If a woman notice egg white vaginal discharge, then there is likely about to ovulate. White cervical mucus is the most fertile kind of cervical mucus, and it is abbreviated as EWCM on fertility charts and in trying to conceive. Cervical mucus changes throughout a woman’s cycle; EWCM is the most fertile and signals the perfect time to have sex to get pregnant. This stage of mucus is the ideal viscosity and pH for sperm.

          Some woman considers vaginal discharge a nuisance or a “cleanliness” problem. They may even “clean” things up, which is not at all required. However, if a woman is trying to conceive should know that when you see egg white vaginal discharge, it’s the best time to have sex.

White discharge before getting periods

Vaginal discharge is a normal part of the menstrual cycle and color and consistency of the white discharge changes throughout the month. However, some types of discharge indicate an underlying different condition. Many women experiences thick, white discharge before their period. This is considered to be healthy unless and until the discharge is lumpy or is accompanied by a strong or bad odor. Normal vaginal discharge is called leukorrhea. It consists of fluid and bacteria from the cells into the vagina. Most women produce just under a teaspoon, or 4 milliliters, of white or clear discharge every single day.

          Discharge before a period appears to be cloudy or white, due to the increased presence of progesterone, a hormone which strongly plays a role in both the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. In other phases of the cycle, when the body has higher levels of estrogen hormone, vaginal discharge appears to be clear and watery. Vaginal discharge helps with lubrication and the removes the bacteria from the vagina. It is also very helpful for women in tracking their menstrual cycle.

Why It’s Important

Fertile cervical mucus is also called as “Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM)” is because it looks like raw egg whites. EWCM provides the good environment for sperm. It helps the sperm swim up effortlessly from the vaginal canal and cervix into the uterus.  Egg white vaginal discharge also helps the sperm to survive the usually more acidic environment of the vagina. If you don’t have fertile quality of cervical mucus, the sperm will not be able to survive well. This may trouble the woman in getting pregnant.

           A lack of fertile quality of cervical mucus also indicates a hormonal imbalance or problems with ovulation process. It sometimes can be referred to as hostile cervical mucus.


The hormones that trigger the ovaries to release an egg during ovulation also trigger the other changes in one’s body. These changes consist of the things like having more fertile vaginal discharge, occurring changes in the cervix, and even your mood swings.  For instance, just before ovulation your cervix lifts up higher, becomes softer, and wider open. Also, when you are most fertile, your desire to have sex also increases. This is a natural way of getting you ready to have intercourse at the right time to conceive.

           Estrogen hormone which is primarily responsible for egg white vaginal discharge. If your estrogen hormone levels are low, you won’t get as much or any fertile quality of cervical mucus. This may occur as a side-effect of medication, due to age, or a hormonal imbalance.