Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain relief, Here some of the treatment tips to get instant relief from Sudden and chronic neck pain. 
It can arise anywhere in your neck area and it range area is from the bottom of your head to the top of your shoulders and later its reaches to proper back or arms.
It stops working the movement of your head and neck.


  • Activities: activities such as slouching, painting a ceiling can
  • Increase tension of the neck.
  • sleeping:- Bad sleeping position
  • Injury and or another medical problem:
  • Ageing

Here are best home treatment for neck pain relief

  • Treatments for Sudden neck Pain relief:
  • Ice Pack: Remove neck pain by placing an ice pack on the injured area.
  • Medicines: Having aspirin, ibuprofen, or another anti-
  • inflammatory medicines can also provide instant neck pain relief
  • Do exercise or physical therapy: Regular yoga aasans and exercises helps to increase the flexibility in head and neck muscles to get active.
  • Good Body Posture: Applying a good posture while sitting, walking and sleeping in daily life can helps in release neck pain.

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Treatment for chronic neck pain relief

  • muscle relaxants or pain relievers: Your doctor may suggest you take muscle relaxants or pain revilers to relax your neck muscles and lessen your pain.
  • Proper Sleep: During chronic neck pain , having a healthy sleeping can give a relief.
  • massage or yoga: Use of yoga and exercise can calm the neck stress.
  • Surgery: Neck conditions like pressure on the spinal nerve roots, a tumor, or narrowing of the spinal canal, your doctor suggest you to have a surgery.

Prevention Tips for Neck pain relief

  • Do not apply a body action that stress your neck for a long time, like sitting on computer for long time.
  • Sit up straight in your chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor Pause for rest, during long working hours.
  • if you Waking up with neck pain or stiffness in the morning, check your pillow and your sleeping posture, if it not bad, improve it.
  • The best neck pillow should be soft, comfortable and not too high which should keep your neck straight.
  • Do not sleep with wired neck posture.
  • When have a neck pain while reading, Sitting with the right leg height.
  • Sitting back with proper neck, shoulder and upper back support.