Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Calendar: Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week Learn more about what you can expect to happen with you and your baby-to-be every week of your pregnancy, how baby is developing and what symptoms you are going to face..

First Week Pregnant

Embryo in the 1st week of pregnancy

If you are reading this Blog, then most probably you’ve decided to get pregnant, or you’re previously pregnant and trying to find out as much as possible about your pregnancy. It may be the week of your last menstrual cycle or in other words, it may be that your body is preparing for pregnancy by releasing an egg (ovum) for fertilization. Nobody knows for sure when a woman conceives, since sperm may be take a few days to locate their goal. Due to this uncertainty, mostly doctors have marks the beginning of your pregnancy as of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

 Your uterus is preparing for ovulation, so prepare for typical premenstrual symptoms (PMS). If you are actively trying to conceive, prepare yourself emotionally and physically.

Conception takes place more eagerly when we give baby the optimum environment.

Exactly, there is no baby, but throughout menstruation, your body is making a future home for your baby.

You can also search for baby position, movement, and growth. Your symptoms, early signs such as back pain, bleeding, bloating, breast pain.

Two Weeks Pregnant

 Embryo in the 2nd week of pregnancy

This second week marks the beginning of a new life to get to know. But still no baby exists yet; this is the week in which your body prepares for conception. Now your last period is over and the uterus preparing itself since the mother bird would her nest.

A common menstrual cycle starts with the first day of one period and ends with the first day of the next. A usual period lasts about five to seven days. For the duration of the next week, the body prepares itself: The uterine lining becomes thicker and the ovarian follicles mature. Most of all, one ovum begins its journey from ovary to fallopian tube. The egg normally leaves the ovary around day 14 of a woman’s cycle. But, this event can occur from days 11 to 16.

From now , the egg will either be fertilized by a sperm cell and attach itself to the lining of the uterus which results into baby born or it will remain unfertilized, and hormone levels will  timely send signal to the uterus to drop its blood-rich lining which will take place around day 25.

You are now finished with your period, and your body is beginning the cycle once again. The discharge of each egg (or eggs) varies monthly from one ovary to the next. It could be possible to experience this development. If you are preparing for conception, maintain a safe and healthy space for your baby through exercise, diet, and stress management techniques.

The formation of your newborn appears at the end of this week.

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Three Weeks Pregnant

The 3rd week of pregnancy will cause the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Conception! The moment of origin has finally here, whether this moment caught you by surprise or is all a part of your calculations. A successful sperm has now fertilized the egg, produce a one-celled organism called a zygote. In future, cell divides several times which forms a blastocyst, which travels into the fallopian tube where it will get a home in your uterus.

A number of women are very responsive to changes in their bodies. For those who are preparing for pregnancy, symptoms may be clearer or an early pregnancy test could alert the pregnant at the 4-week mark. But, for various women, early signs of pregnancy can be misunderstood with flu- or cold-like symptoms, and pregnancy could not be confirmed until late in the first trimester (first 12 weeks).

Upon fertilization, the mother’s body liberates an immunosuppressant protein, which will show to the body this zygote, and future baby, is safe. The release of this protein, Early Pregnancy Factor (EPF), causes many changes in the mother.

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Four Weeks Pregnant

Embryo in the 4th week of pregnancy

Now your baby has got his or her house for the next 36 weeks. During this week, your little blastocyst becomes an embryo, situated itself carefully into the uterine wall. This process is called implantation, and can cause some mark (implantation bleeding) but is perfectly normal.

The hormones is producing in your body, mainly HCG, may be make you feel sick. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) provides an important function which is to make sure whether your baby getting the nutrients and oxygen essential for his or her development. But sadly, HCG levels in early pregnancy can make women feel nervous, tired, irritable, sick, and dizzy or faint. Addition to these changes, several women will come to know that their sense of smell has become very powerful. This kind of strong smell sense, joint with vomiting, can create food cravings and dislikes. All women experience different pregnancy and its symptoms.

There are many symptoms during this week;

  • cramps and back pain
  • brown spotting
  • backache
  • bowel movement
  • cramping on one side
  • tender breasts
  • belly button pain
  • cervical mucus
  • light bleeding
  • morning sickness

Five Weeks Pregnant 

Embryo in the 5th week of pregnancy

5th Week is the starting of your second month of pregnancy. No doubt remains about it now. As you’ve already passed some home pregnancy test throughout your one month journey, and your symptoms by now started to affect your life. Fatigue and nausea are two of the most common symptoms among all the women and can have a major impact on your mood, productivity, and capability to focus. Because of these reasons, it is essential to take a healthy diet and give time to daily exercises. (Approved by doctor)

Not only a healthy diet improve your symptoms, but this stage of growth need essential nutrients—mainly folic acid which is to ensure baby’s wellness and continued existence. Through the 6th week, the neural tube (think brain and spinal cord) will start to close, and this process has need of folic acid.

Now Baby is making life interesting with frequent trips to the bathroom, resulting into changing in appetite, and a continue wish for nap. In these early weeks, pregnancy can be challenging, but it would not get better.

There may be;

  • no appetite
  • risk of miscarriage
  • short of breath
  • weight gain
  • yolk sac
  • cramping spotting

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ivf bleeding

Six Weeks Pregnant

Embryo in the 6th week of pregnancy

Good for you! Now you are halfway through the first trimester. It is the time in which it seems like the waves of nausea, tiredness, and other discomfort will never end. As by now your body is functioning very hard to produce a new individual.

Most important changes happen throughout this week. It is not surprising that you feel as you have no power over of your body. Since most of the baby’s organs and other outer body parts are beginning to shape this week, you must have to supply baby with plenty of oxygen and nutrients. You may possibly become aware of some physical changes to your body. Breast softness and heaviness may occur, in addition with darkening of your areola (dark area surrounding the nipple). Weight gain will be normal (about 5 pounds in the first trimester); but many of may lose weight due to nausea and vomiting. If health is becoming severe, then take advice from your doctor.

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Baby size in mm and cm

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What to expect at pregnancy appointments and scan

Seven weeks pregnant

This 7th Week is full of remarkable and exponential change.

 While you continue to face unpleasant symptoms, knowing that your baby is exactly flourishing into a superb being. Nausea, headaches, fatigue, and mood swings might continue for a short time. Several women experience hard symptoms, all over the first trimester and maybe into the second. Many of them may feel a little sickness, which may relieve toward the end of the first trimester. Each pregnancy and person is special, that’s why this experience is also unique creation of life.

There is possibility to feel and witness physical changes, particularly in the abdomen and hip region. These changes aren’t due to baby but for the reason that of bloating. It’s all right to start using motherhood clothes. You may observe too that you’ve gained weight and this is common and healthy signs. Discuss with your OB/GYN about healthy weight gain during this time. Your hunger and cravings may start to take over your life this week.

Pregnancy by this 7th week may also bring about other changes such as hair thickness and skin changes, especially acne. Internal changes include the formation of your cervical plug (mucus plug), which will help to guard your uterus all the way through pregnancy. It is this plug that will finally pass through the vagina, indicating that work is near (but not yet!).

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Eight weeks pregnant

This Week is the indication of the last days of your baby’s embryo days. During growing into a fetus, your baby will start on to misplace its embryonic traits (think tadpole) and will be look and appear like human every day. Since the finish of this week until delivery, your baby will be a fetus, and with fetal status comes rapid growth.

A lot of your symptoms may be go down to normal, as your body has missed two periods and it is managing various hormonal changes. You can also observe that your belly is growing because your uterus is growing into the size of an orange or grapefruit now and is building area for baby. Your breasts are also is getting ready for the new individual, as he or she will have requirement of nourishment from outside of your body in about 32 weeks. All women experience differently all these symptoms, but several will notice dark veins due to increase in blood flow, colostrum (thick, yellow discharge from nipples), darkening areolas, and Montgomery tubercles (tiny glands on areolas). In addition to these changes, weight gain in your breasts might occur. Be ready to gain at least a cup size in this area during pregnancy.

Nine weeks pregnant

Here, now there is no embryo, your baby is growing at rapid rate. The growth of vital organs and structures are all occurring together with their functional behaviors. Although you may not be able to feel it yet, your baby is beginning to move and practice to act like a human being.

By this time, many of your symptoms have go down to normal condition. Some women have still problem of nausea and loss of appetite until the second trimester, but there is no issue of these symptoms, as these hormonal effects will go down soon. Even so, many women will continue to experience indigestion and other digestive problems all through pregnancy. Heartburn, upset stomach, constipation, and cramping are all typical symptoms may get worse than before. It is important for the pregnant women to keep hydrated to ease these symptoms.

Your uterus is growing into the size of a cantaloupe now, making room larger for your fast growing baby. By this time you may discover miracle through sight, sound, or touch. If you haven’t had a chance to yet, it may be possible to hear your baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler test. This moment will bring everything into view for you, and those uncomfortable moments will decrease rapidly.

Ten weeks pregnant

Previously, baby has been undergoing a serious stage of development. Essential body parts and entire body systems are now in proper form to grow. This 10th Week signify an important phase in pregnancy: The point where the risks for congenital and other serious abnormalities have just decreased. Even though other problems can occur, baby’s most essential requirements for living are set for action.

Perhaps, there may be chances of having gained some pounds from starting. You may also have some increase in the abdominal region. These changes may be due to bloating and intestinal movement. By the end of the first trimester, most of your signs have gone, containing nausea and mood swings. With these progresses there is boost of optimism: most of your anxiety and unexpected emotions you’ve been feeling are change with relief, hope, and a sense of well-being.

Eleven Weeks Pregnant

Approaching the end of the first trimester, baby and mom are beginning to get used to this cohabitation. Baby is developing significantly, and mother is finally   feeling better than the first few weeks of pregnancy which is restless and uncomfortable.

Pregnancy brings all changes in you in every aspect. Hormones not only cause mood swings and emotional affection, but they also effect on the physical level as well. Progesterone may be the reason for bowel problem, mainly constipation, which is very common during this time. Actually, your intestines are slowing down at this time, so the small bump in your belly could be from this movement. So it is necessary to stay hydrated to help your body with movements.

 Changes in hormones can also affect your hair, fingernails, toenails, and skin. Your hair may be fuller, and both nails and hair are growing in unusual manner.  Skin may have been imperfect from the first trimester, but it starts to improve while moving into the second and you may get the healthy pregnancy glow.

While the end of the first trimester, it is usual for women to gain weight: about 3 to 5 pounds. Your abdomen and breasts are starting to become gentler, and you may observe little bit roundness. There is nothing to worry if you not gained any weight, or you have lost weight. This can be normal for most of women. Just make sure of your healthy diet intake which is essential for baby’s healthy growth.

Twelve weeks of pregnancy

Twelve week is the last week of your first trimester. This is time, when most of the couples make a decision to inform others about their pregnancy. Because week 12 is indication of decrease in the chances of miscarriage and they may feel more comfortable. This week is the signal of starting a new phase of pregnancy.

Changes in Mothers

All mothers survived the first trimester with difficulties. But a few women may go on with experience like nausea and fatigue, but the most of women will be free from all these unpleasantries. On the other hand, many women may feel a boost of energy in the second trimester. Pregnancy can be a pleasant time for many women.

On the toss of this, an increase in blood production can cause irregular headaches and light-headedness. Be alert while exercising, standing up, and in warm places. This extra blood supply may also cause warmth in you  and  it will be good to wear in layers.

Many women may observe skin changes during this time.  You will also look a little bit fatty and glowing, it is normal to have dry, itchy skin, or to see dark blotches. Please, be careful about what you apply on your skin, since it may be harmful for you and your baby. With the skin care , pregnant women must also be cautious while using  medicines for  heartburn, indigestion, and constipation.

Thirteen Weeks of Pregnancy

Now this is the second trimester has started, you will feel much better at both physical and emotional level. Week 13 is the begin of a special kind of feeling with baby ,a lesser amount of exhausting and nauseating, and full of worry. Even though the changes you will observe (and feel) during the second trimester can cause worry and the feeling calmness during these next 12 weeks.

This week may give the exact feeling as a new start. All of those unpleasant symptoms of the first trimester have just go down. Your uterus has moved up and forward, for the growing baby, and has just reduce its heaviness on your bladder. All hormones have become stable, and the nausea and fatigue have almost fall down. As always, not all is sunshine and rainbows. Since your uterus is growing, and your waistline too, and the muscles that were previously stable are now sense expanded. It is common for women, feeling uncomfortable and discomfort, due to round ligament pain. If the discomfort gets worse, make sure to take advice from your doctor immediately.

Many women will continue to suffer from constipation and heartburn throughout pregnancy, so don’t worry if the indigestion continues, for this take fibrous diet and avoid junk food(cheap meals). Keep hydrated and eat small meals more frequently to fight with these stomach issues. There is also possibility of continues exhaustion and nausea into the second trimester. But no problem ,these symptoms will go down gradually.

Fourteen weeks of pregnancy

Week 14 continues to carry a sense of normalcy to mother as normal as pregnant mother can be. Mother’s hard early symptoms have almost moved out and baby’s essential task is to get all that important growth  of the first trimester.

Mostly inner symptoms have fall down for mother, except for the usual session of indigestion, and minor aches and pains. In this week, mom starts on look more pregnant the same as her waistline and breasts grow to have room for baby and get ready for breastfeeding. One of the major symptoms of pregnancy this week is skin changes. Freckles and the areolas that border the nipples also become much darker. With  these changes, many women will observe a line running up from the pubic bone to the naval.

Fifteen weeks of pregnancy

If you are in week 15, that means you are 4 months pregnant. Your baby is growing as the size of pear. You might have gums problems at this time. There may be red, sore and sensitive gums which are more prone to bleeding while brushing. Again these are hormones which are doing their work. 

Many women considered the second trimester as a relaxation time. As there may be some freedom from the life-altering signs of the first. Though a few of women still experience nausea, headaches, fatigue, and other nasty symptoms, but the majority of women will feel new kind of energy which they never feel before this duration of pregnancy.

At the same time, you continue to get weight but,keep in mind that any gain or loss can be healthy and normal, as long your diet is controlled. Eating for two isn’t always wise and giving in to your cravings may wreak havoc later (gestational diabetes). Make sure to eat a well-balanced diet with lots of calcium, fiber, folic acid, and essential nutrients readily available in most fruits and vegetables.

In this time, your heart is pumping about 20 percent more blood than normally it does–blood that hold nourishment and oxygen for baby. Through delivery, your heart will pump 50 percent more blood, just one more amazing achievement of your body.

Sixteen weeks of pregnancy

All through this week, your doctor may suggest that you should go through some prenatal testing, mainly depending on your age, physical condition, and any other factors. The most commonly check up at this period of the pregnancy is an amniocentesis, which can find out birth defects, genetic conditions, and chromosomal abnormalities. This test is extremely recommended for women who are in age group of 35 years or more. Many children, who were born with such complications, have their families with a history of a genetic condition.

It is important to talk about the risks involved with these tests and their requirement for your particular pregnancy.

This time can be exciting in your pregnancy. This week may be the initial time in which you may feel your baby’s movement. These kinds of movements, also called quickening. It may be more like butterflies than a 3-5 inch baby wiggling around, but they are enough to send your heart soaring. Even though, it is unusual for many women to feel these movements in early pregnancy.

You may be observing heaviness in your body which is not until now. Your upper body is becoming plumper, to make the more room for new born in the womb and milk for baby out of the womb.

Seventeen weeks of pregnancy

Now, your baby has weighs about 5 or more ounces and is the size of your palm, or around 5 inches long. Body fat is starting to appear and it will continue to collect throughout the end of your pregnancy.

 Baby’s heart is now in time with the brain, so there will be no more unsystematic beats, and is churning out 140 to 150 beats per minute. It is almost double as quick as yours. And because practice makes all perfect, your baby is developing his sucking and swallowing skills.

For most of the women, the second trimester not only brings relief from sickness symptoms but also an energetic appetite. It is not suprising; if all of a sudden you feel hungry enough to eat meal of your own as well as some other’s plate. The reason behind the increased hunger is obviously the growing baby inside your body and her or his hunger.


At this period of pregnancy, you may have common pregnancy symptom like back pain. So make sure you have a supportive chair at work and a solid mattress at home. If not, take a cushion for you to place it behind your back.

This week you may notice another change which is an increase in bodily fluids. This is because of your increased blood production. Your body may also increased further fluid production such as sweat, mucus, saliva, and vaginal discharge.

Eighteen weeks of pregnancy

Baby is yawning

Your baby is long about 5½ inches and 5 to 6½ ounces in weight. It is about the size of boneless chicken breast which the many people used to eat. Your baby may be large enough so as in the next few weeks you may feel her or his twisting, rolling, kicking and punching. Your baby has now mastering the art of yawn, along with hiccupping. You might catch a glimpse of that adorable yawn and all those other fetal movements at your ultrasound this month.

Baby’s nervous system is maturing

During this week your baby’s nervous system is developing. A network of nerves now covered with a substance called myelin that helps speed messages from nerve cell to nerve cell.And some others are further developing into the ones that gives the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.

Quick growth

At 18 weeks, your baby is about the length of a cucumber and your uterus is around the size of a sweet potato.

Nineteen weeks of pregnancy

19 weeks pregnant is how many months?

If you’re 19 weeks pregnant, then you’re in 5 months of your pregnancy. Only 4 months left to go! Or it can be say that you are halfway. This week consists of significant changes as well as some minor irritations.

 Body at Week 19

Leg cramps

There’s nothing good feeling other than getting into bed at the end of a long and irritating day, particularly when you’re pregnant. These painful spasms that spread out up and down your calves are normally during the second and third trimester. Even as these cramps can take place during the day. There may be some causes of these cramps:

  • It could be your leg muscles which get fatigued from carrying the weight of pregnancy.
  • It may be due to compressions in your vessels which carry blood to and from legs.

This week consists of significant changes as well as some minor irritations.

It may be feel like everything about your body is changing: hair, nails, belly, breasts, mood. It is mostly as same as your skin has been on a roller coaster , from acne to glow, and now itchy and dry. Not only is your skin stretching, creating discomfort, itchiness, and stretch marks, but your body is also struggling to keep on hydrated. This dehydration can harmful for your skin, making it dry. It  is the time to make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a diet helpful to healthy skin.

Twenty weeks of pregnancy

 Weight gain

This week 20 marks the little bit more than halfway. This is the beginning of wonderful transformation. At this stage women naturally gain about 15 pounds. You can also suppose to be gain up to 1 pound per week. With all these weight gains, you may too notice that other activities such as breathing, moving are becoming limited due to new shape.

Diet food for baby

Baby’s dietary food has been always the primary thing in everyone’s life. Whatever you eat or consume, it will reach directly to the baby. Above all, the essential nutrient for mother to take is iron, and foods like eggs, chicken, oatmeal, dried fruits, and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale.

Twenty one weeks of pregnancy


Now at this stage, you are used to this condition of pregnancy. But, it is still important to maintain your routine such as
• eat right kind of food
• exercise daily
• take proper rest
• prepare yourself for unexpected changes

Learning new things

You are now going to learn new things in your daily life routine it may be as
• Adjust your body weight
• Shifting your body
• Learning how to walk
• How to sleep differently
• Walking around and being in public

Symptoms of excess blood flow

There may you notice various changes due excess blood flow in your body especially in lower body. Changes are as follows:
• Ankles, feet and toes may become puffy
• Swelling in lower body

For these changes, wear comfortable shoes and keep your feet higher. If problem exceeds, you can consult your doctor.

Twenty two weeks of pregnancy

Baby size

At this week, your baby may have grown in size of a coconut. He or she is now about a pound and 11 inches long.

Baby’s doing

 Now, your baby is starting to appear more like newborn than before.
 His or her eyelids, lips, and eyebrows, tooth buds growing.
 Your baby’s hearing power is improving too
 She or he will be able to hear your heartbeat, voice, and even sound of your blood circulation and stomach gurgling.

Your body at this week

 Your stomach may be getting bigger and bigger
 Swelling may be occur in feet and other lower body parts
 Avoid heel more than 2 inches
 Your shoes size might be increase due to loosens in ligament, so wear comfortable pair.

Twenty three weeks of pregnancy

Fetal development

 Your fetus (baby) is now growing into 11 inches long.
 The baby gain weight double alone before the end of the next week.
 The skin will be loose little bit as it growing faster than fat.
 Through this week, baby’s organs and bones will be visible through his skin.
 Fetus become less transparent after the fat put down in the skin.

23 weeks of pregnancy is how many months?

If you’re in 23 weeks of pregnancy, then you’re in 6th month of pregnancy. Only 3 months have gone.

Your Body

New symptoms

 Your mind will be unclear
 Palms of hands and soles of your feet might be red.
 Stretch marks appear on surface of skin in vibrant shades such as purple and pink.

Skin yellowing

There will be skin discoloration; it is called dark line or linea nigra. It is common sign of pregnancy that will be more observable in dark complexion women. It is caused by same pregnancy hormones which is responsible for all skin discoloration such as darken of areolas. You will notice change in color on
 Face
 Nose
 Forehead
 Cheeks
 Eyes

This discoloration called mask of pregnancy, since it appears as mask line configuration on the face.

Twenty four weeks of pregnancy

Now, from then on in the pregnancy, there are some complications or challenges waiting for you. From 24 – 28 weeks, women may undergo glucose challenge test (GCT) to detect whether they have any gestational diabetes or not. It may be an obstacle that may possibly situate you and your baby at danger.
It is not like, if you have not any past issues of diabetes then, it will not appear in these pregnancy stages. You are more prone to gestational diabetes at this point, which can raise the chances of larger baby. Consequently, it can increase the risk of cesarean birth (C – section).

About Baby


Your baby is now big as ear of corn. The baby is growing very fast, as he is now more than 11 inches long or we can say that fetus is around 33cms in length. He gains weight more than a pound. He is gaining weight at a rate of 6 ounces per week. Mainly the weight is due to growing organs, bones, muscle and gathering the fat.


His nostrils are now opening slowly for practicing breathing. He is now undergoing same breathing as we take normally. But he would intake amniotic fluids in place of air. Baby also started its breathing movements with lungs.


The eyelid which was merged earlier has now separated into upper and lower lids. So, from now the baby is able to open and close his eyes.


His skin is all covered with good layer of hairs and also waxy secretion (vernix) layer is there.

Twenty five weeks of pregnancy

This week is the indication of proper maintenance, preparation, and challenge to get some comfort. Be careful of your activities and choices at this stage of the pregnancy. Because the transformation taking place at this stage will change a large amount of the way you work at present.

Baby development

Your baby’s skin is now turning from transparent to opaque. The body is covered with many folds which further turn into skin after birth. Now, we are able to hear the heartbeat of baby through the stethoscope.
Through this month, your baby’s finger and toe prints will be visible. At this point, baby will be able to respond sounds through movements or by fasten the pulse. You may also feel the hiccupping.

Changes in your body

With your growing baby, your uterus is also increasing. By the end of this week, your uterus is developing into the size of soccer ball. That means, you have to change earlier ways of living such as your walking, driving, showering, sleeping.
Sleeping style is most important in amongst all of them. As you have to start sleeping on your side. Because, lying on your belly and sleeping on your back may possibly suppress the vena cava (blood vessel that supplies blood to your baby). This kind of activity not only harmful for your baby, but it also can make you faint and cause suffocation.

Symptoms during this week

You may experience some other symptoms which can make the routine difficult for you. These can be due to hormonal changes or may be due to increased size of uterus. Symptoms are given below;
 Shortness of breath
 Dizziness
 Constipation
 Hot flashes
 Itchy skin
 Leg pain
 Lower back pain
Parental yoga, exercise, warm baths and proper hydration can help you to get rid of these kinds of situations.

Twenty six weeks of pregnancy

With this point in pregnancy, most of women have gained about 20 to 25 pounds, even though all women are different. Some of them gain weight due to water retention, which will change on a daily basis. Now your body is varying more than before, so be alert of any uneven symptoms, for exampleve;
• excess swelling
• dizziness
• pain
• frequent Braxton Hicks contractions
• Aches around the ribs, pelvis, and feet.

The main cause of these kinds of signs is mainly due to spreading out of your uterus, as the baby is growing day by day. Many of your uneasiness originate from hormonal changes. In pregnancy, this time your digestion process slows down, so that your baby can receive more nutrients. Be aware of your diet, environment, other activities these days, because it directly affects baby. Because of your slow digestive system, it can cause many problems such as indigestion, heart burn, and constipation. So take good amount of water, in small intervals and keep your food healthy and greenish (spinach, and other green leafy).

Baby’s development

For example;

 Hearing power developed( baby reacts to sounds )
 Lungs are in growing stage ( not mature )
 Baby’s brain waves will be visible like a new born.
 Patterns of sleeping and walking also there.

Changes in your body

Baby’s movements are constant. You will now start to gain a pound per week. You may also experience some rib pain as baby is growing and continuing pushing your rib cage. This pressure also can cause indigestion and heart burn. You may also feel pain down to the sides of your abdomen as your uterine muscle is stretching.

Twenty seven weeks of pregnancy

Hey! You are now in last week of 2nd trimester. You just entered in last stage of pregnancy, so get ready to experience new challenges and experiences which are waiting for you.

Baby’s size

Your baby is now of the size of cauliflower. At this point of time, baby is able to distinguish between your voice and your partner’s voice. Baby’s length is about 14.4 inches and weight is around 1.93lb.

Development of Baby

Baby is now hiccupping at least once in a while for many weeks. And it is the time you can feel his hiccups more clearly and reason for this, may be the involuntary movements of the diaphragm. These “hic” sounds we are familiar with are originated due to quick close of our vocal cords. But in fetus (new born), as we know that they intake fluid instead of air, so they don’t produce hic sounds. In place of it, they make jumps, which is really fun to see and feel.

Weight gain

From here on until last weeks of your pregnancy, you will gain most of your weight. But gaining weight during pregnancy is normal and healthy of course. So be aware of what you are consuming these days and everything of what you have craving.
Baby’s requirement is just an additional 500 calories per day, so this is good way of measurement of your diet.


There are many challenges which you face during the trimester for instance;
• Shortness of breath
• swelling

Reasons of above challenge;

• Your uterus is growing at rapid rate and is now working at its maximum capacity, so there remains little space for lung expansion.
• Swelling in this case can be normal matter, although it can be sign of serious complications called preeclampsia.

Notice: you can consult your doctor if the problem remains for many days.

Twenty eight weeks of pregnancy

You are here in 28th week of your pregnancy stage. This week marks the ending of your pregnancy and saying for many preparations to be done.

Size of baby

Your baby is now of the size kabocha squash (or Japanese pumpkin). And his weight is around 2.22lb and length is about 14.8 inch.

Growth of baby

Up till now, baby’s eyes have been close. But from this week, baby is starting to open and close his eyes. His irises are filled with pigments. Baby’s eyes are continuing changing after birth from 6 months to 1 year. His lungs are developing at good rate.

Challenges from this week

Your uterus is extending to its extent above the naval. Due to the growing baby, you can experience more challenges for example;
• Leg cramps
• Mild swelling around ankles and feet
• Difficulty during sleeping
• Shortness of breath
• Pain in lower abdominal
• Urinating more frequently as uterus is pushing your bladder.

Rh – factor

In pregnancy, many times you had conducted blood test to find out your Rh- factor. Appprox.85% of the people have Rh- positive which contains an essential protein on the surface of red blood cells. If you are Rh- negative, it means your protein will be missing from blood. In other words, Missing of this protein means your body is making an anti-body so that it can reject your baby’s blood. Women with Rh- negative will take an anti-D or Rh- immunoglobulin injection.

Twenty nine weeks of pregnancy

About Baby;


Your baby is now in the size of butternut squash (or known as butternut pumpkin in Australia). Baby is of the length of 15 inches and weight gain about 2.54lb.


His eyes has developed to this extent. So that, he can differentiate between sunlight and artificial light through uterine wall. Your baby is continuing stronger day by day. As a result, he will perform more jumps, kicks, or rolls more frequently than ever before. During this time, your baby’s intelligence and personality associated with his mind is becoming more complex.

Diet of mother

As you know, baby is growing more rapidly. This indicates that it is important for you to start take plenty of things in your diet for instance;
• Vitamin –C
• Folic acid
• Protein
• Iron
• Calcium
From above, most of the things you can get from supplements and by eating right kinds of food. At this time, baby’s bones are consuming more calcium, so make sure to get more yogurts and milk.

Problems you may face

As you know, your body is going through lots of changes. During this week, you may experience many challenges for example
• Heartburn
• Constipation
• Gas
These all problems may be occurred by taking big meal at a time, so try to take smaller meals and eat many times a day.

Hemorrhoids may be developed during pregnancy. These are swollen blood vessels in your rectal area and can cause discomfort. But, this problem normally disappears after few weeks of your delivery, but may be there in some cases.

Some tips

Your blood pressure may be get higher during this month. Take advice from your doctor, if the headaches, swelling in hands or feet get severe or if you gain lot of weight. This could be the signal of preeclampsia, which is dangerous condition in which blood pressure gets higher and level up of protein in the urine during pregnancy.

Thirty weeks of pregnancy

About Baby


At this week of pregnancy, your baby is about 16 inches long and he gain weight around 3 pounds. The size of the baby is like of the large cabbage.


As the baby is getting bigger in size, with that he is taking more space in your uterus, and half of amniotic fluid that is setting around him decreasing. His or her eyes are continuing developing. After his birth, he remains close his eyes for most of the day. Even after the birth, he will not be able to distinguish between most of the things he will see, except the objects that are few inches of his face. Eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed. Hairs are getting thicker and nails are growing.


Normal people have vision 20/20 whereas new born has 20/400. He will respond to changes in light and as the days passes by weeks and months, he will be able to find out the things from very distance.

About mother

The uterus is now about 4 inches above your naval. And it may be difficult for you. Because, there are 10 weeks still remains there and Baby continuing to push on your ribs, which can create discomfort for you in your pelvis and abdomen. You may possibly gain a pound per week. You may feel tired these days and experience some difficulties in sleeping and relaxing.

Inside you

Now, it is possibly that baby may change his position more frequently and respond to stimuli, such as sound, pain, and light. At the end of this seventh month, fat may begins to deposit on the surface of your baby. You are heavier (your fetus is growing rapidly) now and the concentration of your body (baby bump) may shift your centre of gravity. At this moment, you can think of new shoes which provide relaxation in your body.

Thirty one weeks of pregnancy

About baby

During this time, your baby can turn his head, and body. Arms and legs becoming visible as fats are accumulating under the skin. He can also hear different sounds containing familiar voices and music. He will move more than before which can make you uncomfortable.


Your baby is now as big as coconut. He is 16.18 inches long and his weight is 3.31lb. and he will continuing gain a pound per week until he is out of womb.

Your body

Uterus is now becoming larger and larger as the days passing. It is covering most part of the abdomen and during this time you most probably gained weight about 21- 27 pounds. You may experience Braxton hicks. These are just random contractions that happen on the way of second half of the pregnancy when the muscles in your uterus get tight. But, no problem they are painless and last for few seconds. Discharge nowadays, may be watery, bloody or mucus like. Or may be change in color and texture. You could also feel cramping and lower back pain like menstrual.

NOTICE: if pain occurs more, then consult your doctor.


During these days, as your body is making colostrum or “premilk”. It may be noticeable or not. If it is noticeable, then it is time to change your regular bra. If the leakage from the bra is increasing, then put some pads into your bra, which leads to some comfort.

Thirty two weeks of pregnancy

About baby


Your baby is the size of Napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage). Baby’s length is about 16.69 inches and gain weight around 3.75lb.


Baby gained third to half of his birth weight during the next seven weeks. He is getting prepare for his survival, when he will be outside the womb. At this point, some babies have their hairs, toenails, and fingernails too.

Your body

Your blood volume also increased up to 40% to 50% to fulfill your and your body’s requirement. You may also feel some breathing issues or heartburn. The reason may be that your uterus is pushing your diaphragm and making your stomach crowd.

Can do

While sleeping, try to sleep with pillows. Eating smaller meals more, so as you may feel some comfort and relax. If any back pain or any other pain troubles you, then consult from your doctor. This can be indication of preterm labor.

Notice: your growing uterus may be the reason of all above problems.

Thirty three weeks of pregnancy

About Baby


Your baby is the about the size of pineapple. His length is about 17.20 inches and weight is around 4.23lb. Now, he moves less as compared to earlier. He curls up with knees bent, chin is on rest and arms and legs are crossed.


His bones are getting harder, but skull is still separate. Yet, it is allowing him to be flexible so as make it through the birth canal. Sometimes, it is observed that few babies are born with a cone head appearance. But, no problem it is temporary and will reshape on its own.


Most of the mothers gain 22-28 pounds by this week. But, the weight you are gaining now will go to half to your baby. Many things are begin to change as your baby is growing, as he is covering most part of your belly. Weight gain of 22- 28 pounds is sufficient for normal pregnancy.

Can do

If you are in normal pregnancy, then it is safe to have sex in third trimester. Though, it make you uncomfortable.

Thirty four weeks of pregnancy

Now, you are just six weeks away from taking a pleasurable feeling of being mother. If you are 34 weeks pregnant, then it may be possibility that you can have twins. Because, mostly twins are born during these weeks.
You may feel that baby is moving differently. The reason of this may be the decreased amniotic fluid which makes the space for your growing baby. The amniotic fluid is absorbed by the body. You belly button becomes very sensitive. You can cover it by small tape or band aid. As your breasts and belly is growing, it may cause some itchiness and stretch marks.

About Baby:


Your baby is now of the size of cantaloupe and 17.72 inches long from head to toe. His weight is about 5 pounds.


Your baby is now setting his position into head- down, although it may not be final. Organs are now completely mature, exception lungs, and the skin is pink in place of red. Fingernails also have proper growth, but toenails are still growing. Now the vernix caseosa (the thicker or waxy layer covers and safe the body of baby) is growing thicker by these days, which make sure of well delivery.


Mothers’ uterus becomes harder and contracting, as it is practicing for labor, known as Braxton hicks contractions. Your pelvis has expanded and may cause some pain, particularly at the back. The uterus is pushed hardly against lower ribs and rib cage may be painful.

Thirty five weeks of pregnancy

About baby;


At this week, your baby is of the size of canary melon. His weight is around 5.5 pounds. He is of the length 18.19 inches.


Baby’s lungs are just completely developed. But, the fat is still depositing under the skin of baby, so as to make your baby warm even, after it leaves your womb. The mainly in your baby is just growth of the fat. He is getting prepared for smooth go out from your body through birth.

Position at end weeks

During this time, about 97% of the babies take position with their head down towards cervix, ready to leave out your body. And rest of them, remains in the position, called breech position (when the baby comes out with their feet first). This kind of position increases the chances of cesarean birth (C- section).

Can do

About this position of your baby in the womb, you can talk to your healthcare provider about this condition. He can manually change the position of the baby, with applying the pressure on your belly. This is known as external version, this kind of process has 65% success rate.

Experience of mother

During this time, you may feel some breathing problem. You may also experience an increase in Braxton hicks contractions (it is tightening of your uterus for few moments). In these contractions, some may feel pain or some are not. You may possibly be uncomfortable during sleeping.

Thirty six weeks of pregnancy

About baby;


Your baby is now about the size of romaine lettuce and he is 18.66 inches and his weight is about 5.75 lb.


Your baby’s brain is developing very fast during this week. The baby is gathering all fat in the body and that fat is rounded around his face to give it shape. And this fat is 15% of the total weight of the body, which helps the body to maintain his body temperature.

The baby is dropping lower in your abdomen, particularly head-down position. He is also practicing blinking. Your baby is now appear more like a new born with his fatty legs and hollow at the knees and elbows. His ears are now extra sharp and he is able to make out your voice and songs sang to him.

Can do

In case, if baby is still in breech position, do not worry. There is much time to change the position of the baby.

About Mother

Your uterus is growing bigger during these few weeks and chances are that, it will be under your ribs. You may also feel some back pain and heaviness in your buttocks and pelvis. Discharge may also increase, as your body is preparing for birth. You may also have blood like mucus, known as mucus plug. This mucus could be the indication of early labor. You may discuss with your doctor.

Thirty seven weeks of pregnancy

About baby;


Baby is now as long as stalk of Swiss chard( green leafy vegetable. His height is about 19.13 inches and baby’s weight is around 6.30lb.


The baby is becoming rounder each and every moment. Skin is becoming pinker and gets rid of its wrinkle look. The umbilical cord begins to passing antibodies to your baby to prepare him for delivery. These will fight against the germs and diseases which can affect your new born, when he is out of the womb.

His fingers are getting coordinated and he will be able to hold your finger after his birth. He can identify your voice now. Sometimes, he turns his head towards you when he heard your voice.

The umbilical cord starts passing antibodies to your baby to prepare for delivery. These antibodies will better prepare your babies agains the germs and disease outside the womb. His fingers are now more coordinated and he will be able to grab in to your finger after he his born. Your voice will be the most familiar to him. Don’t be surprised if he turns his head towards you when he hears your voice.


Your uterus’s size may be same as it was earlier for the last weeks. Your weight should be high, around 25-35 pounds. Baby continues to put pressure on your belly or your digestive system. Due to these, you may have heartburn. Stretch mark also starts to appear at that time. Keep stretch mark relief oil with you. Make sure to drink plenty of water, although it may give you some extra trip to bathroom.
During this time, your doctor can perform a pelvis exam to check on of your pregnancy.

Thirty Eight weeks of pregnancy

About Baby;


Baby’s length is about the size of the stalk of rubarb. Baby ‘s length is 19.61 inches. He is gaining weight around 6.80lb.


Connections are forming in his brain so that his sleep and other activities can be comfortable after his birth. Baby’s soft and lanugo hairs (hair when the fetus is in 5 months or first hair appeared on the baby), coating are start to disappear. Baby acquiring his antibodies from your body to fight against germs.
Baby’s growth is now slows down but his skin getting his fat to survive outside the womb. Your baby’s organs are fully prepared for survive outside the womb. You will experience it, when he holds your hand with very good grasping power. Your baby is approximately prepared for the birth.


If you are thinking about his eyes, then here it is;
• If he born with brown eyes, most probably his eyes remains brown.
• In case, if he will have grey or blue eyes then, it may stay gray or otherwise change into brown.
The iris of eyes will get more pigments but it will not change into light color.


During this period, you may feel uncomfortable. You may experience some yellow discharge from your bra between this week and your delivery date. This is because your body is producing colostrum. Many people consider this yellow liquid as gold. As it is special milk produced for your baby, which is rich in nutrients and antibodies.
This milk contains less fat and sugar, and more protein than the milk (produce later).

Can do

You can carry extra pads (for yellow discharge) during this time. You can notice your contractions, as there may be two cases:
• If contractions are more during the last weeks then, it may be the real labor contractions.
• Otherwise, it remains Braxton hicks.

You can pack your bags, as most of the babies born within the weeks of your due date given by the doctor.

Thirty nine weeks of pregnancy

About baby;


Your baby is big as of the length of pumpkin. He is long about 19.96 inches and weighs about 7.25lb. He is continuing to grow until his birth, but at slower rate.


Now, your baby’s leg and arms muscles are strong. Finger nails and toe nails are in their position. Baby’s head starts to drop down into pelvis of mother. This position gives you better breathing.


Your baby’s body positioned into two ways;
• He may be in straight up and down position, called longitudinal
• Or may be at any angle, called it oblique.

If you are able to notice the position of your baby’s head, then you may see two positions;
• He will either with head down and facing your spine, which is very common position, known as anterior position.
• Or he may be with head down but facing your abdomen called occiput or cephalic position.

Your baby is ready for live and breathing outside the womb, if you still not labor. During this period, your baby is reached his birth weight (particularly between 6 to 9 pounds) and length (about 6 to 9 inches from head to toe). He sufficiently added fats in his body and your placenta is continuing giving him antibodies and nutrients.


You may be feeling large and uncomfortable. Your uterus has filled your pelvis and most part of your abdomen, which is pushing everything. Due to this, centre of gravity has shifted, which make you feel awkward than usual.

Tip for the mother

You should continue to notice the signs of labor, but do not obsessed with it.

Difference between false labor and true labor (contractions)

• False labor pains normally in lower abdomen and groin, on the other hand true labor pains starts with lower back. And then, spread throughout the entire abdomen.
• Real labor also becomes stronger and powerful as time goes and will not get relief with any activity.

Forty weeks of pregnancy

About baby;


During this time, your baby is now of the size of watermelon. Baby’s length is about 20.16 inches and weighs around 7.63 lb.
You may suppose to give birth at that time, but if that’s not the case, do not worry. Your baby may take some time longer in your womb.
Most of the first babies take some time more than other baby. But it is worthy to be late.
Boy baby sometime tends to weigh a little more than girl baby.


By this time, most of the lanugo hairs have just fallen out. But, most of it remains during the birth on the baby’s body for e.g. on shoulders, folds of skin, back of ears.

Can happen

In some cases, baby may be born with pointy head, but no problem is there. This is temporary situation and solved by its own, as the time passes.

About Mother

Your delivery may be happen soon now. But do not worry, if the same situation does not happens. According to survey, only 5% of all babies are born on exact due date as predicted. It may also happen that you experience some difficulty during your night’s sleep. It may be harder to find a comfortable corner. If you can’t sleep well, then it’s ok. Do some calm activity; you can read some books such as about your pregnancy.Still try to take rest, as much as possible with your feet up, if you can.

Tip for the mother

However, if you feel like you are in labor, so then do not eat. Something light may be cause nausea.